Founded in 2003, Digital Associates believes that there will be 3 major technology revolution that reshapes our world.   

  1. Transformation of all things analog into digital format via sound (AFP, Sound recognition), vision (machine vision, AI), Taste-Touch-Smell (IOT sensors)
  2. Abundance of Data for humans to take digest, make decision with, and ultimately benefit from and transform the way they work and live.
  3. The advancement of computing power and feedback loop algorithm, known today isArtificialIntelligence combined with the abundance of data collected, will accelerate the cycle of improvements. 


In order to succeed in the competitive market designed to help large conglomerates, there are 3 business practices pillars that we believe are the key success factors 

  1. Innovation – Large publicly listed corporations have capabilities to execute, and service their customer, butcannotsupply innovations to the market. 
  2. Execution – New and innovative companies lack the fund to obtain execution excellences.
  3. Service – In order to obtain large scale project in both the private and public sector, a strong sales and customer service team is required, which startups lack.

Core competence:

  1. Innovation – Recurring revenue base.  Differentiated product with real world value that preferably can be calculated in to return on investment or helps with customer’s company mission and vision.  
  2. Execution – Grow organically, with several resources that can be shared within the company, such as anation wideservice team that can do several projects. 
  3. Service – Excellence in services for all level of sales & servicing from key decision makers, influencers, to operational team.  Digital Associates clients are all financially sound.

Master Plan,

  1. Create a highly innovative, difficult to copy technology and sell it as a recurring revenue service model for niche market segment.
  2. Use that money to develop many high innovative, difficult to copy technology and sell it as a recurring revenue service model for MANY niche market segment.
  3. Use that money to compete in the mass/largest market space.


continuously improve the 3 pillars of our business